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LATEST NEWS.....DVLA have revised trade plate display advice - applicable from January 2017. ...see our download page for details.

Trade Plate holder TPH-2 fitted to Discovery rear
TPH-2 on Defender rear
TPH-2 on Defender rear - side view
Display board loaded 2

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TPH-2 Trade Pro fit to a standard number plate

520 x 111mm

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TPH-2 Trade Pro fit to a non standard number plate exceeding 113mm high

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We drive over and then refit a TPH-2 to demonstrate

that abuse tolerance is a 'designed in' benefit

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A TPH-2 bracket 'fit and lock' demonstration

TPH-1 kit contents - red with labels # 2

TPH-2 Trade Pro - Trade Plate Holder Kit

Kit includes 2 x Trade Plate Holders + 2 x adaptor plates

Our 'abuse tolerant' TPH-2 attaches Trade Plates to number plates ranging in height between 111mm to 215mm.

Bespoke colour option on 49+ unit orders

£55 + vat  car set including Royal Mail 1st class signed delivery

tagster logoTPH-2 is also available via Automotive 

                          retail sundries supplier Tagster

TPH-1 Trade Pro Trade Plate Holder kit

TPH-1 Trade Pro - Trade Plate Fixture Tool

Our original design featuring laser cut aluminium frames, with stainless fittings with 'anti scratch' rubber detailing.

Affixes Trade Plates to number plates in the 110-205mm height range and number plates to number plates.

Affixes to flat, curve, screw or taped adhered number plates

SPECIAL OFFER £40+ vat car set including Royal Mail Special Delivery

Non standard number plate adaptor

NPA Non standard height number plate adaptor

(A TPH-2 kit included part)
This replacement part enables fitting TPH-2 to those number plate exceeding 111mm high including those featuring lower edge 'branding strips' which are generally120-125mm high.
£5+ vat including postage

Meet the designer

Tim Ashton

Designer & Director BTR Preparations Ltd

A motorsport engineer with near four decades of experience during which Tim developed 'works' race and rally cars for Opel, Hyundai and Lada.

The BTR Preparations team operated successful Dealer Teams for Opel Teams Sweden, Belgium and Turkey winning FIA World and European Championship winner titles. In recent years BTR was well known for developing Mitsubishi Evoloution rally car and the redevelopment of Lancia Stratos and Datsun 260z Classic Rally cars.

Tim is a consultant and member of the organising team for the East Africa Safari Classic Rally

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As a vehicle inspector I use TPH-2 holders every day finding them fast to fit and secure with a ‘fit success rate’ of over 98%. I’m very impressed

Matthew Richmond – Richmond Automotive AMIMI

I assisted developing both TPH Trade Pro designs and use my TPH-2's I wish they had existed 30 years ago.

Philip Welch, Philip Welch Specialist Cars, York’


Well thought out solution....

JT Dulwich

‘I bought a kit of TPH-1's then trialled the new TPH-2 Trade Pro holders which we found very effective. We now have a second set. Alan, Trevor Greef Motor Services’

Trade plate Pro holder is quick and easy to use and looks professional....

Peter Larsson - Fordthorne Cardiff

Thanks for a good product.

Max Cornforth, Moneysave Service Center Cheshire

My background is motorsport engineering. I’m also a long time Trade Plate holder/user and 'in the Trade' since the early 1970's. The limitations of the various common types of Trade plate fixtures have long been a frustration. ‘Dunlop’ holders suited most requirements in the 1970's but vehicle styling and body materials changes now limit their usefulness. The ‘strap on to number plate’ type fixtures are both untidy and slow to attach and in most instances they won't attach to tape adhered' number plates. Magnetic holders rely on having a steel panel to attach to and they attract magnetic residues which creates a paint scratch risk. The ‘vacuum sucker on number plate’ type holders have an integrated safety strap and spare parts are sold to support their use....all of which rather advertises their particular design issue.

I focused my motorsport acquired product design and development skills on Trade Plate fixtures setting myself a design target to make a ‘universal’ Trade plate Holder to fit the vast majority of available number plate shapes and sizes, irrespective of how they affix to the vehicle. The process has yielded two designs. The first is the 'TPH-1 Trade Pro' holder, a laser cut aluminium sheet based holder which has been tested on a daily basis on a wide range of vehicles and the design refined in response to feedback.

TPH-1 Trade Pro Trade Plate Holder kit affixes Trade Plates to number plates between 110 and 205 mm high and kits are available via our web shop at and EBay. The TPH-1 kit has one advantage over TPH-2 in that it can affix standard or 140mm high number plates onto vehicle number plates. This feature could be particularly useful for the caravan, camping trailer and commercial trailer rental markets. While TPH-1 Trade Pro satisfies a majority of user requirements, production costs are such that it isn’t commercially viable for volume production.


The TPH-2 Trade Pro Trade Plate Holder has been developed using the TPH-1 project identified user requirements and priorities with a view to volume production. TPH-2 is a 100% injection moulded product using ‘virgin’ nylon and polypropylene for durability as from experience I know Trade Plate Holders don’t have an easy life. Trade Plate Holders must be abuse tolerant. The time and cost investment to set up TPH-2 production has been substantial, with more than a year of design and development time and £15k invested in 1250kgs of production tooling.


TPH-2 Trade Pro Trade Plate Holders are fast, secure and easy to fit; customers will appreciate the professional Trade Plate presentation.


TPH-2 Trade Pro Trade Plate Holders assure that ANPR systems recognise your Trade Plate

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