Number Plate adaptor x 10 pieces

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This item is an included TPH-2 trade plate fixture kit component.

This item is an accessory to Branding Plate brackets and only required IF you need to fit branding plate brackets to ‘non standard’ number plates ranging between 115 and 215mm high. Non standard number plates include those with a branding strip/logo along the bottom edge and commonly measure either 120 or 125mm high.

The Number Plate adaptor is fitted over the upper edge of non standard height number plates and provides a series of receptacle sockets to which TPH-2 or our Branding Plate bracket can be affixed. Effectively this adaptor provides pocketed fitting positions at a height which replicates where the top edge of a standard number plate would be this suiting the number plate fix brackets design limits.

A measure scale is integrated into the adaptor enabling the user to measure and identify non standard number plate heights. Adaptor ‘socket’ positions are clearly marked and related with the measured number plate height. Our video demonstrating TPH-2 Trade Plate fix tool fitting to non standard number plates is a useful first time user ‘how to’ guide.

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