TPH-1 Trade Pro – Trade Plate Holder set

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TPH-1 Trade Pro – Trade Plate fixture/display tool

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TPH-1 Trade Pro – Trade Plate holder / fixture tool kit

Laser cut aluminium / stainless steel fittings

Kit & Holder Features

  •    Simple and fast Trade Plate Holder for direct attachment to vehicle number / registration plates
  •   TPH-1 tools affix Trade Plates to standard’ 111mm and 205mm number plates without use of the included TPH-D number plate adaptor
  •   TPH-1 tools have an integrated adaptor plate for 205mm high number plates suitable for most 4×4 rear plates applications.
  •   QFR (Quick fit & release) design features
  •   Number / Registration plate to Trade Plate offset is user adjustable – to avoid body profiles and features
  •   Attaches to bolted or tape affixed vehicle registration  plates
  •   Attaches to ‘recessed & flush fitted number  plates
  •   Attaches to curve mounted 111mm standard height number  plates (e.g some BMW fronts)
  •   Displays your Trade Plate externally and vertically as required to be recognised by ANPR systems

TPH-D number plate adaptors are punctuated by a series of slots to adapt number plates exceeding 112mm high to suit the TPH-1 tool design limitations.

Uniquely TPH-1 can attach trade plates or standard number plates onto number plates in the 110mm to 205mm height range and all sizes in between when fitted using the TPH-D adaptor plate.

When not required the THP-D adaptor affixes to the TPH-1 fixture to ease transportation.

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