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DVLA quietly issued revised trade plate display advice applicable from January 2017.

As UK law applicable to 'Trade licences' and 'Trade Plates' and their display has not changed we must conclude that DVLA's revised trade plate display guidance is a reinterpretation of existing UK law.

Our current understanding is that the new  display advice is yet to be tested in Court whereafter the new advice may be judged absolute. The new advice may be found within.....

  • DVLA form VTL30Application for a first trade licence and/or additional licences (January 2017 issue), REFER TO guidance note 4 as found on page 3
  • Rear of DVLA form V304 (the letter confirming your renewal of your trade licence(s) - Nov 2016 revision issue)
TPH-1 Trade Pro Trade Plate Holder kit




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TPH-1 kit contents - red with labels # 2

TPH-2 User Manual

User manual PDF download issue 5 - revised 18 July 2016

TPH-2 User instruction update issue # 5

All updates as advised here are additional to previous updates now integrated into the issue 5 User Manual as may be download above

TPH-2 compatible number plate frame

Download an information PDF document with part number and 'branding' option information

Car Dealer editorial December 2016

DVLA form VTL 301

'Application for a first trade licence' including trade plate display advice - guidance note 4 on page 3 refers

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DVLA form VTL310

'Application for a duplicate or replacement trade licence or plates'

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