TPH-2 Trade Pro – Trade Plate Holder set

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TPH-2 Trade Pro – Trade Plate fixture/display tool x kit 2 pcs

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TPH-2 Trade Plate Holder

Our lightweight yet tough display tool

Trade Plate Holder Benefits

  • Displays your trade plate in compliance with legislation (ANPR camera friendly)
  • Fits standard and non-standard sized number plates
  • Won’t damage or scratch vehicle paintwork
  • Enhance your Company image with a professional product
  • Time saving – fits securely to a standard number plate in under 10 seconds

To see more info and fitting tip videos see our You Tube channel ‘ TPH-2 Trade Pro

TPH-2 was designed (by me, Tim Ashton) as an ‘all plastic’ evolution of my TPH-1 aluminium Trade Plate holder design. Throughout my working life Trade Plate display has been a pain…. as a Motor Trade Professional it’s very likely you feel the same way!

Vacuum sucker fixture reliability is questionable, strapping fixture’s to number plates is slow and messy, magnetic fixtures have plate angle presentation issues and rubber strap fixtures are no longer sympathetic with modern vehicle design features. My opinion has long been that none of the ‘traditional’ Trade Plate fixtures ‘do the job’

My experience background is motorsport product design and vehicle development, when I semi retired I decided to investigate if the Trade Plate display problem might be solved. My design targets were to display the trade plate externally in an ANPR system compatible manner, be easy, fast and secure fitting, paint and bodywork friendly, abuse tolerant, lightweight and it should affix to the vast majority of vehicles, number plate formats and fixing methods. TPH-1 was designed and selected motor traders tested and critiqued the product. Changes were made until development ended having refined the initial design targets prior to designing the ‘all plastic’ TPH-2 holder.

The TPH-2 is a refined variant of the TPH-1 design, the result of over a year’s design and development work. 3D printed prototype TPH-2’s were produced, tested, critiqued and design refined producing the ‘production’ TPH-2, a fourth version of the tenth Trade Plate Holder design. TPH-2 is a UK designed and manufactured product, made in two injection mould tools weighing nearly 1250kgs between them.

In summary TPH-2 is designed by a Motor Trade Professional, for Motor Trade Professionals… make your Trade Plate user experience easier.

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